Pick a Card Any Card

Self-empowering, motivational, and practical…this book will inspire you!

By Johanna Bouchardon

Career counselor and coach, Halimah Bellows, delivers an insightful guide designed to help lead readers through the process of both choosing and pursuing a career that is the right fit for them. Uniquely combining career coaching with career counseling, the book presents readers with intensive questions designed to help them discover their individual skills, talents, goals, and passions- showing them how they can use that knowledge to select a personally fulfilling career- along with supplying innumerable tools and strategies to then acquire a position in their desired field.

Champion Your Career is a fantastic resource for people of all life stages, from college students who are struggling to pick the right career path, to those who are already in the work force but feel ready for a change, all the way through the retirement stage—and I can especially see this being a great book for junior high and high school students who are beginning to plan for college and/or their future careers.

The book is full of questions designed to get your creative juices flowing to discover just what exactly you are good at and passionate about, and (perhaps most importantly) also contains excellent strategies for overcoming your personal hang-ups by dealing with insecurities and doubts (dubbed “Gremlins”).

Self-empowering, motivational, and practical at the same time, this book will inspire you to use the information presented to put together a plan and start taking the steps needed to land (or create!) your personal dream job. A well-written and informative read, highly recommended!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review