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Imagine a partnership…

  • Where differences create a powerful synergy
  • Where conflict gives way to constructive change
  • Where completely candid communication flows in all directions

What would work be like then?  What would your company be able to accomplish?

Partnership coaching allows you to create such a partnership consciously and intentionally.  A partnership can be the cornerstone of your venture’s success or the cause of its death.  Don’t leave it to chance!

Services include:

Team Building: Bring cohesiveness and clarity to working groups such as boards of directors, staff, and special project teams.

Conflict Resolution: Move partners, teams, boards and other groups from conflict to right relationship.

Partnership Alignment: “Hot spots” surface in every relationship, no matter how solid or fulfilling it is.  The objective of this short-term option is to address a specific burning issue (such as taking on a new project/client) or resolve a specific conflict.