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Our Services for Individuals

Clarity and Action provides personal and corporate services in coaching, career counseling and consultation and training.

Personal Coaching:
Do you want more fun in life?
Do you want to be the best that you can be?
Are you weaving in and out of warp?
Do you have dreams that you are not following?
Are you stuck in your perspective?

Couples Coaching:
Is your Relationship in the doldrums?
Do you need some spark in your relationship?
Is your relationship conflict-driven or lacking harmony?
Have you fallen into unworkable relationship patterns of your parents, culture or peers?

Career Counseling:
Is your career at a standstill?
Do you wish that you had the courage to change your career goals?
Are you unhappy in your work relationships?
Does you boss misunderstand you?
Have you been dislocated from a satisfying job?