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Author’s Insight:

By answering the second question you can help uncover the real or underlying value for you. So for you, perhaps money is not the real value; perhaps the real value is “security” or “being successful” or “being independent” or “being able to provide for my family.” It’s always helpful to anchor or relate the values you express to real world situations. If you say you value “honesty” or “teamwork,” write down what “honesty” or “teamwork” would mean in terms of your behavior and how it would impact others.

Author’s Excerpt: from CHAMPION YOUR CAREER: Winning in the World of Work

Step 3: Now you have two lists. Go back and compare your two sets of answers to the question. Is there anything there that surprises you or concerns you? For example, if you are concerned because the word money is on your list, you might ask, “What does money mean for me?” Your answer might be “Money means security” or “Money means success” or “Money means freedom” or “Money means being able to provide for my family.”