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Author Insight

In fully uncovering and embracing our passions, we find a deeper purpose that gives a richer meaning to our lives beyond gratification of our egos. A calling is like an organism, a living entity with a purpose all its own. It drives us toward authenticity and aliveness. Saying ”yes” to a calling tends to place you on a path where half of you doesn’t think it makes a bit of sense, but the other half knows your life won’t make any sense unless you participate in certain activities that automatically draw out your passion for life.

Book Excerpt

You’ll also find that the bigger the calling, the more likely it is that it will fling opposing energies into your life. For example, one part of you will want to awaken, while another part of you wants you to stay in the comfortable, safe but unfulfilling lifestyle. So what is your calling? What feelings come to you as you imagine fully with all of your senses, living your life with passion and purpose? How do we know what our passions are? How do we uncover what brings us to a greater understanding of what our purpose is? And once we know our passion and purpose, how do we express them in a work environment so that our life is continually being fulfilled?  This chapter will lead you down a path of self-discovery through exercise and questions to reflect upon your own personal definition of your purpose and passion in your life work.