Pick a Card Any Card

Internet Resources

1. www.therileyguide.com

2. www.careerinfonet.com

3. www.careers.org

4. www.careerbuilder.com

5. www.online.onetcenter.org

6. http:www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland_Codes

7. https://www.livecareer.com


Further Reading

!. What Color Is Your Parachute – R.Bowles

2. Zen & the Art of Making a Living – L. Bolt

3. Finding Your Perfect Work – Paul & Sarah Edwards

4. I Could Do Anything if I Only Knew What it Was – B. Sher

5. Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow – M. Sinetar


Career Exploration Questions


  • The activity I enjoyed most today was…
  • The most rewarding moment this last week was…
  • On my job, I want more…


  • Work becomes a grind when…
  • One of the most dissatisfying aspects of my work is…
  • What I really disliked about my least favorite job was…


  • The thing I am best as is…
  • I have been praised for my ability to…
  • One of my proudest accomplishments is…


  • If I had my own business it would be…
  • If I had an independent income,, I would spend my days…
  • When I was younger, my dream was to…


  • I have a real sense of commitment to…
  • To me, making a contribution means…
  • The quality I that I admire in others is…


Personal Assessment Worksheet

Key values that are important to me:

  • Core Values:
  • Work Values:

Interests/Holland Code:

Skills/Competencies I’d like to focus on in my next job:

My greatest strengths are:

Personality Traits that I need to factor into my next career:


Career Quest Cards Summary:

You can now brainstorm jobs where you could use your skills, interests and values. Brainstorming means suggesting as many ideas as possible without evaluation. Just list everything you think of that is al all related. If possible, have a friend help you.