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Author Insight

If you’re stressing out over people and situations that you absolutely believe you have no control over, it is time for an emotional adjustment, either by shifting your attitude or shifting into a more satisfying work experience.


Book Excerpt

Within the past decade or two, people have been talking about “worthy work.” People don’t just want a paycheck anymore; they want more than that. In Zen and the Art of Making a Living, Laurence Boldt writes about three alarm clocks in relation to waking up to our life’s work.

First, there is your internal clock, the desire for creative self-expression. This alarm goes off when you feel stuck, stifled or bored in your current work situation. You have talents and abilities that are not being fully used in your job. Maybe they’re even being fully ignored! You go to work because you have to, not because you want to. When the internal alarm goes off, you think, “OK, I have to start moving on and doing something else.