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Recently Halimah Bellows, career coach and author of Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work, shared on KATU2’s AM Northwest the reasons why the different career stages of your life require different career search strategies. You can watch a video of her interview at: http://katu.com/amnw/lifestyle-health/champion-your-career viagra without a doctor prescription. Below is a summary of her suggestions.


College Students

College students should take their time choosing a major, explore classes that inspire them and seek the advice of their college counselors.


Mid-Career Changers:

Do an honest assessment and discover why the job did not work out. If it was merely a lay off due to corporate changes and structure, it is an OPPORTUNITY to re-invent yourself. There are many self-help books on reinvention in mid-life. Perhaps you have developed new traits, talents and skills and at first don’t believe they can translate into work. Research the possibilities. The work world has changed since you first entered the work force. New jobs are emerging. Do a new self-assessment: Are you driven and self-directed enough to start a business? Do you have resources to carry you through the start-up phase? Do you have networks of people whom you can use for resources? Can you/should you go back to school?


Retirees Looking for Work:

  • Are you seeking work for financial support?
  • Are you seeking work for social interaction?
  • Are you seeking work to explore different geographical areas?
  • Are you seeking work for emotional fulfillment.

The answer to these questions will assist in WHERE to look and WHAT to look for.

Financial Supportive jobs: Look for jobs that fit your established skill sets, and physical abilities. Make sure the time commitment matches with your desired lifestyle

Jobs that Give Social Interaction: If you do not need a job to make money, there are many volunteer opportunities and community needs: Volunteering at the library, community center, food bank, etc.

Jobs that Offer Emotional Fulfillment: There are opportunities that speak to your emotional needs. Religious: Churches offer paid and non-paying positions. Hospitals: Offer volunteer opportunities. Retirement Centers offer paid and non-paying positions.

Jobs that Offer Diverse and Geographical Experiences: There are books written about work/travel opportunities. Finding a good match is important. Tips: Look for these work travel experiences to be a good fit for your physical abilities, areas that won’t compromise your health, and areas that match your lifestyle preferences (Backpacking not your thing? Have asthma? Food sensitivities?) – explore carefully where you are interested in going.