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Author Insight

            All of us have values that, consciously or unconsciously, guide our choices and actions. Throughout our lifetime, some of our values may change depending on our age, our friends, work, hobbies, or other factors. Some values, however, have not changed and will not change, despite our exposure to diverse political, religious, and cultural influences. These are our core values and the ones we want to focus on here.


Book Excerpt

            My favorite saying about core values is: “The degree to which we live our lives in alignment with our core values is the degree of fulfillment that we will experience.” Core values reflect what is truly important to us as happy, healthy individuals. Core values relate to the heart of our being. They relate to the sacred essence of what we want to manifest in this world. When we honor our values regularly and consistently, life is good. When we are living from our core values, we feel fulfilled. Our values serve as a compass, pointing out what it means to be true to ourselves, and providing a sense of authenticity, self -respect and peace.